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ZME Media is a blog network that servers more than one million users monthly, throughout the world. We cover channels like: science, technology, entertainment, music, travel, hostels and hotels, forensics and criminal justice.


Web development
Outbound Marketing


ZME was rolled out in 2007, almost like a hobby, by an active and motivated duo. Since then it's grown into a fulltime occupation - not a business, but a lifestyle. Our team has grown, we've grown, but one thing hasn't change: our desire to find the best stories and become a part of them.

"Easy reading is damn hard writing"


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Our network is accessed by hundreds of thousands of targeted readers. We offer many traditional advertising options, but we thoroughly enjoy working with creative advertisers.

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Social Media Marketing

Everything is social on the web, and we here at ZME understand that perfectly. But we didn't build a social profile, we built a community - a group of engaged and passionate people that share the same interest.

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Content Writing

Along the years, we've published thousands of well researched, quality articles, tailored for a general audience. Some have been read millions of times and picked by reputable media outlets. We care about our readers and strive to bring out engaging and relevant content.

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