Become a part of ZME: Content Writer

We’re looking for a passionate and genuinely curious person to join ZME Science! If you:


  • love science, technology, and you have a thirst for finding out more,
  • enjoy reading interesting articles and sharing them,
  • are comfortable writing in English,
  • are at least somewhat computer savvy (or are willing to learn),
  • have good work ethic,
  • can work both at the office and from home,

then you seem like the right person to join the ZME team!

We’re looking for someone who can work either part time or full time (students encouraged to apply). The program is flexible, but you need to be dedicated and willing to learn new things and adapt to the volatile environment that is the internet. We will provide a thorough training, sharing our experience and what we’ve learned in over 7 years of running a science website.

Your job will be to read articles and scientific papers and scout the internet for the best content to deliver to our readers. You will have to thoroughly understand what you’re writing about and explain it in a simple language; you don’t need any knowledge in any particular scientific field, but that’s a definite plus, as is any experience and interest in the environment.

Does that sound interesting to you? If yes, then send an email at andrei [at] zmescience [dot] com, including two articles:

  • a 400ish word article on exoplanets (focusing either on what they are, how to discover them, or anything else related to them)
  • an over 600 word article (as much as you’d like), on any scientific them that’s interesting to you. It can be climate change, dinosaurs, holograms… whatever!

If you have any questions or suggestions, send them out to the same email and I’ll get back to you.



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